Should I Arrange For A Land Survey For My Commercial Property?

Are you thinking about buying a commercial property in Sydney, NSW? Buying a commercial property, especially a manufacturing unit, is often more complicated than buying a private residence. It is important to make sure that your new business premises comply with all of the current legislations.

As we all know, buying a commercial property is getting more involved. It is no longer about making sure your new manufacturing unit has four walls and a roof. You also need to make sure that you and your business comply with new environmental regulations and guidelines.

Thankfully, all of this falls within the remit of land surveying. All land surveyors are required to keep on top of all of the latest laws and guidelines. As things are changing all of the time, listening to what surveyors have to say is the best idea. That way, you are one step ahead of changes to business and environment laws and recommendations.

How long does it take to survey a commercial property? It will depend on the size. You will find that there are land surveyors that specialise in commercial surveys. If it a very large property, it can take a team of surveyors to complete the task. You need to budget for the cost of the survey in the purchase price.

Will the seller contribute towards my land survey Sydney costs? The answer to that question is normally no. When you are buying an older style commercial property, it is best to try to negotiate the price down. Maybe you even want to get a land surveyor to check out the property before you agree to buy it.

Old properties often have unseen problems. Getting a surveyor company involved at the negotiation stage can save you money. Armed with a report, you could perhaps get a better price when you know what work needs to be carried out. The truth is that a land survey service can save you a lot of money in both the long and short run.

Never forget how important it is to have a commercial land survey when you buy a commercial property or manufacturing unit. Surveys are easy to arrange and can often be done over the phone.

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